tisdag 14 juni 2011


Recently I came across a test called Myers-Briggs Type Indicator which apparently is one if not the most used personality test in the world, you can read more about it at wikipedia. Basically there are four different dichotomies which can create 16 different "types".

Extraversion (E) - (I) Introversion
Sensing (S) - (N) Intuition
Thinking (T) - (F) Feeling
Judgment (J) - (P) Perception

So you got either E or I, S or N, T or F and J or P. You can take the test at So which type are you and did you find it to be accurate or not?

9 kommentarer:

  1. I've always been told i'm an introvert :D

  2. But how sure can you be that , this is actually trustworthy?

  3. What did you get? I've done it quite a few times and I always get ENTJ. I guess it's one of the rarest types to get.

  4. Seems interesting!

  5. This type of test is really effective. Ideally, I'd like to be an ENTP but in reality I'm probably more of an ISFJ lol.

  6. I've never taken the Myers-Briggs. I think it's a load of crap. I don't like compartmentalizing people. I've also read that a lot of the research on Myers-Briggs shows that it's a faulty test and that people might be classified as different personality types if they take the test more than once on the same day. I've seen this test used to judge people unfairly.